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Lanasia joins "Leaders for Climate Action"- Initiative

We proudly announce our membership at Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA), a digital initiative with over 300 companies who have committed themselves to drive forward climate action. To celebrate the upcoming Earth Week, we are joining a European campaign of LFCA to promote climate protection!

The opportunities and challenges of recycling

Today is Global Recycling Day - time to celebrate! We will introduce you not only the challenges we're facing with plastic but also showcase the great opportunities of recycling.

We love green washing, not greenwashing!

Every year, more than 30 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans. Through the effects of salt water and sunlight, a PET bottle decomposes in over 450 years into tiny microplastic particles, that cause enormous harm to the environment. That's why with every pair of LANASIA Fitness Leggings, we recycle 12 PET bottles from the oceans to put the durable material back into the cycle of fabrics. To avoid the detachment of microplastic from synthetic fabrics during the washing process, we would like to show you some easy tricks you can do at home!

Small steps, big change!

Break your habits, change your mindset and join us to create a greener future. We show you how to!

The LANASIA annual review of 2020

From receiving a permanent exhibition space in the BikiniARTmuseum to joining the Leaders for Climate Action Community - we would like to invite you to reminisce together with us about our entrepreneurial milestones this year. The whole LANASIA team wishes you a very happy New Year, filled with love and positive energy!

Eco-friendly Christmas holidays for a fresh start into the New Year

Every year again... we spoil our loved ones with tons of presents for Christmas. But have you ever thought of the negative side effects for our environment of this over consumption time? We would like to show you some lovely ways how to create a more eco-friendly festive season... for a happy and conscious fresh start into the new year!

The revolutionary method of Digital Textile Printing in the (slow) fashion world

The benefits of digitale textile printing are outstanding - next to reducing water and waste this innovative, sustainable method enables a much more precise print and impresses with long lasting, fascinating colors. We are proud to have been using Digital Textile Printing since our very first swimwear launch "A Sister's Collection"! Read more about the manifold advantages that aline with our corporate ethics.

The sensitive beauty of coral reefs

Lanasia is particularly concerned about the protection of the oceans. We would like to invite you to dive into the fascinating underwater universe of coral reefs - and learn how to protect the world's oldest ecosystems from the harmful impact of climate change and plastic pollution! #letscreateawaveofchange

Single, sexy & selfconfident!

Happy International Single's Day! Today, we are celebrating the independence of women all over the globe. Discover how these powerful & confident women have inspired us. Cheers to Selflove, Selfconfidence and the fulfillment of your own dreams!

Must-Watch: 6 Netflix Documentaries about Sustainability & Environmental Protection

The dying of coral reefs, the massive plastic pollution in our oceans or the extinction of species are amongst the most dramatic effects of human behaviour. We would like to introduce some impressive Netflix documentaries to you, that tell the stories of our planet with amazing recordings and shocking pictures. The overall message: now it is our turn to contribute to the survival of planet earth!

Modern and sustainable living

Modern living means thinking about energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials and resource-saving living habits. But integrating sustainability into our homes is by no means boring and annoying! Behavioural changes and consumption decisions quickly become routine, which means that we can make a major contribution to environmental protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

LANASIA at the female future festival

The Female Future Festival took place on October 01, 2020 at Lake Constance. On this platform, strong women have the opportunity to network and inspire each other in the working world. The founding sisters of our sustainable fashion label discussed on site how sustainability can be established and optimized in a company!

The LANASIA Activewear Guide

Discover our sustainable MOUNTAIN PEAK collection for yourself - be inspired by the variety of exciting cuts and convince yourself of the highest wearing comfort thanks to breathable fabrics made of recycled ocean plastic. Mix and match your favourite LANASIA fitness looks and share them on social media. Let's inspire each other with new combinations of our sustainable loungewear - for demanding workouts and relaxed hours at home!

Feeling grounded - aiming mountain high

Balancing life is not so easy - especially when we are putting too much pressure on ourselves. Times of relaxation and grounding are most important for a healthy and clear mindset. Making time for selfcare and rest helps us recharging our batteries and continuing with new energy. We therefore would like to introduce our latest LANASIA activewear collection to you: all sustainable items have been created under the motto: mountain high!

Plant-based diet – good for our health and the health of the environment

We are, what we eat. At least we feel that way. More joy, more lightness, more balance - and by the way easily improving our personal CO2 balance... sounds dreamlike, but hard to implement? We introduce you to the healthiest variants of a plant-based nutrition.

The fabrics of the future

The variety of products on the market lets consumers face a situation of almost insoluble tasks when it comes to the traceability of production processes. The STANDARD 100 certificate by OEKO-TEX® is amongst the world's best-known product labels in the textile sector and offers the greatest possible transparency for companies and consumers. We would like to introduce you to the special features of this certificate and give you an insight into the extraordinary fabrics that we use at LANASIA...

10 alternatives to plastic products to help protect our oceans

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. There may now be around 5.25 trillion macro and microplastic pieces floating in the open ocean. These various plastic pieces do have a tremendous effect on the sensitive wildlife that inhabits the sea. We want to show you 10 great alternatives how to avoid using single use plastic items in your daily life - help us fighting for a green ecosystem!

Travel and Styling tips of the LANASIA founders

During the high season for swimwear, the LANASIA founders will tell you exclusively which insider destinations with breathtaking nature are on their travel lists and which beach clubs worldwide are among their favourites. They will also reveal their secret styling tips - find out, how your favourite swimwear pieces become real trendsetting outfits!

LANASIA receives exhibition space in the world's first Bikini ART Museum

The world's first BikiniARTmuseum will celebrate its opening in Bad Rappenau on 5 July 2020. As a young fashion label we are very proud to have our own exhibition space next to original bikinis by Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. From now on you can find the exhibit of our sustainably designed bikini in the category Women - Power & Future. We are also very happy to announce that LANASIA as a pioneer of sustainable swimwear has been awarded the International JANARA Swimwear Award 2020 in the category Newcomer!

The Carbon Footprint as measurement for sustainability?

The resources of our blue planet are physically limited. As a company and as consumers, we must therefore ask ourselves the question in our daily decisions: how can I contribute to the protection of natural resources? We give you an overview of the most important facts about the carbon footprint and how you can improve your CO2 balance in the long term.

Equality and diversity as cornerstones of our corporate ethics

LANASIA is deeply concerned about the violence of racism. We stand with the blacklivesmatter movement and want to express our solidarity towards all people affected by discrimination. With our sustainable collections we aim to make all women feel beautiful in their own skin. Therefore our seasonal donation goes to @blklivesmatter to support the fight for equality and justice.

The fashion life after Covid-19

The global lockdown has affected the fashion world not only in negative ways. As we already stated in our previous blogpost about the impact of Covid-19 in the world of fashion, the third biggest polluting industry worldwide needs to take action towards a more sustainable way of consumption behaviour. Some of the biggest luxury fashion brands like Gucci are now taking the right steps to a more eco-friendly industry. LANASIA is happy to see the progress that has been made in the industry and proudly sets an example in being a pioneer in eco-friendly fashion.

The benefits of the LANASIA Newsletter

Did you already discover all the benefits of our weekly newsletter? Get weekly updates on all news from the LANASIA world: exclusive behind-the-scenes material, styling tips for your favourite sustainable pieces from the LANASIA founders, holiday tips in eco-friendly resorts and much more! On top, exclusive discount codes for all sustainable collections are waiting for you...

The Lanasia Bikini Guide

Every women should feel comfortable and sexy in their swimwear. We would like to present to you our sustainable swimwear styles for the summer season 2020 by showing you the best fits for women with all figures and sizes! Discover beautiful tops that flatter your individual bust size, sexy bathing suits to enhance your feminine curves and panties in all variations... Embrace your femininity with these glorious styles!
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