Designer Swimwear for a natural Self-Confidence

LANASIA celebrates luxury designs to showcase the female form from it’s most powerful side. To lead the beauty and the charm of the female body with refinement are the key elements of LANASIA’s designer swimwear. Sustainable pieces made of recycled plastic can not only feel good but also look good. Inspired by long summer days by the ocean, exciting travels and the freedom to live your life the way you want, our designer swimwear collection celebrates the natural self-confidence of all the great women in the world.

Sustainable Swimwear made from post-consumer Ocean Waste

LANASIA is very proud to use recycled fabrics and to lead an important trend towards cleaning up our beloved oceans. The exceptional origin of our recycled fabrics fits seamlessly into the interplay of tradition and innovation that defines LANASIA's vision of sustainable quality. The very high-quality textile threads, made of regenerated nylon, meet the highest quality requirements and represents colours in a special way. Try our sustainable women's swimwear and contribute to the cleaning of our oceans!

Designer Bikinis in highest Quality

Our designer bikinis and swimsuits combine feminine designs with an excellent fit, soft fabric feel and long-lasting quality. Pulsating geometric shapes on the Tropezienne, bi-coloured designs like Portofino, clear single colours like Hawaiian and Amalfi or curved neck lines on the Miamian let our customers show the individual code of elegance.