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Sexy & Sustainable – Trendy Bikini Sets

Our sexy designer bikinis combine highest quality with sustainability. "Sexy & Sustainable" we create timeless and high-quality bikini sets that perfectly showcase your femininity and feminine curves.

Sexy Bikinis for a stunning figure

With the right bikini set, you can show off your figure ideally! The shape and pattern play an important role in conjuring up a flawlessly beach figure. Playful details such as gathers, halter neck, prints or bows set off your décolleté and hips excellently and create a sweet yet exciting look. Plainer styles such as cut-outs and plain-colored sets look elegant, sexy and highlight your feminine curves. Our sexy bikinis have been carefully designed to flatter every figure and body type.

Bikini-Sets made of high-quality materials

For our bikini-sets we use only high-quality materials that are generated in a complex recycling process. By upcycling old fishing nets and plastic waste that pollute our oceans, high-quality textile threads are created after a complex cleaning process. This regenerated nylon meets the highest quality standards and combines functionality with sustainability. The fabrics for our recycled bikini sets are silky soft, two-way stretch, flexible and opaque. The special fabrics of our sustainable bikinis reflect the light, which makes the colors of the fancy sets shine especially intense. The fabrics of our bikinis offer UV protection for the skin and are particularly resistant to environmental influences. So you can enjoy our long-lasting bikinis!

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